Eight Standards

Eight Standards - Planning Commission - Special Land Use Only (SLU)

The Planning Commission shall review each case individually as to its applicability and must find affirmatively to each of the following standards of the proposed land use if it is to be approved.

  1. The proposed use shall be such location, size and character that it will be in harmony with the appropriate and orderly development of the surrounding neighborhood and applicable regulations of the zoning district in which it is to be located.
  2. The proposed use shall be of a nature that will make vehicular and pedestrian traffic no more hazardous than is normal for the district involved, taking into consideration vehicular turning movements in relation to routes of traffic flow, proximity and relationship to intersections, adequacy of sight distances, locations and access of off-street parking and provisions for pedestrian traffic, with particular to minimizing pedestrian –vehicle interfaces in residential districts.
  3. The proposed use shall be designed as to the location, size, intensity, site layout, and periods of operation of any such proposed use to eliminate any possible nuisance emanating there from which might be offensive to the occupants of any other nearby permitted, whether by reason of dust, noise, fumes, vibration, smoke or lights.
  4. The proposed use shall be such that the proposed location and height of buildings or structures and location, nature and height of walls, fences and landscaping will not interfere with or discourage the appropriate development and use of adjacent land and buildings or unreasonably affect their value.
  5. The proposed use shall relate harmoniously with the physical and economic access by prospective patrons, continuity of development, and need for particular services and facilities in specific areas of the city.
  6. The proposed use is necessary for the public convenience at the proposed location.
  7. The proposed use is so designed, located, planned and to be operated that the public health, safety, and welfare will be protected.
  8. The proposed use shall not cause substantial injury to the value of the other property in the neighborhood in which it is to be located and will not be detrimental to existing and/or other permitted land uses in the zoning district.