Watering Schedule

Sec. 31-50permanent link to this piece of content. - Non-emergency water use restrictions: irrigation system restrictions.

A property which is connected to the municipal water system is hereby restricted to irrigating during the following days and time between May 15 and October 1:

(1) A property with an even- numbered address shall only be allowed to irrigate on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

(2) A property with an odd-numbered address shall only be allowed to irrigate on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week.

(3) If a property has mixed odd and even-numbered addresses or an undetermined address, the city manager, of his designee, may assign an odd/even designation for compliance with this division.

(4) A property with a newly seeded or sodded lawn and any trees, shrubs and bushes may, for the first twenty-one (21) days after planting, irrigate said new lawn or landscaping as often as required for growth.

(Ord. No. 344, § 2, 8-14-08)