Emergency Management

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The City of Fraser falls under the oversight of the Macomb County Emergency Management program. The plan was developed under a Presidential Directive through the Department of Homeland Security. The approach is an All-Hazard Support Emergency Operations plan and was developed to clarify the City of Fraser's response policy and procedures to terrorism, major natural disasters, and other emergencies. This includes but is not limited to a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and or explosive (CBRNE) incident.  

City of Fraser Emergency Management Liaison is Captain David Bisby, he can be reached  by Phone: (586)-293-2000.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Workbook to assist those who live and work in Macomb County in preparing for natural and man-made disasters.

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Having a plan in place when an emergency strikes allows those affected to react in a safe and effective manner.  And while it may be difficult to think about disasters, reviewing this information will better prepare you to take a quick action to protect yourself, your family and your property during an emergency.  

Emergency management experts recommend that individuals faced with a disaster or emergency should be ready to survive unaided for at least 72 hours. With this in mind we have available information on family preparedness techniques that could help you and your loved ones make it through until help arrives. Click on  Macomb County Emergency Preparedness Guide, a digital version of the Emergency Preparedness Guide.  Click here for a PDF version.  

If you are a resident with special needs during an emergency such as physical, mental, or linguistic barriers or any other condition that might place you in a disadvantage please contact the Emergency Management Liaison Lt. David Bisby, so we will be better suited to serve you during a disaster. Click on Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and other Special Needs.

Disasters can strike any time.  It is important to learn how to prepare for a disaster and keep a preparedness kit at home, in your car, or even when you travel.

Water, food and clean air are important things to have if an emergency strikes.  Each household should have a 72-hour emergency supply kit that is customized to meet family-specific needs.  The kit should include essential items, such as a three-day supply of water and food, important family documents, and items that satisfy unique family needs. Include these items in your preparedness kit.

Click here to learn how to create your at home Preparedness kits.