Economic Development


The goal is to provide as much information as we can so that our commercial businesses are informed of what others in the city do, how to contact them, how to contact the city with questions, and what other agencies may be available to assist you. Since each particular type of business and location has its own unique set of possibilities, this page cannot cover all situations, and following the suggestions cannot guarantee approval of programs available to you. You can be assured that we are committed to assisting you in any way possible. We believe that we have assembled a team that can assist you with your business planning efforts and decision-making process. Together we can work to continue to make our commercial businesses a viable and vibrant part of our community.

Whether already established in a business, about to begin your own business, or planning to move your business here, you'll find Fraser dedicated to making your business a success. Fraser is a great place to work and do business. Buildings are safe, businesses are vital, neighborhoods are attractive and the quality of life is good.

The City's team is eager to help you and we are "open for business".

Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX)

Michigan's Commercial Property Information Exchange (CPIX) is the official, interactive real estate database for Michigan commercial realtors, economic development professionals and site selectors.