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Activity Center
Looking for a place to host your next party or just want some time in our indoor gym? The Activity Center has rooms available for rent including a beautiful banquet room that seats 100 people, indoor gym that can be set up for; basketball, volleyball, or dodge ball, and a meeting room that can seat 35 people and has a large flat screen TV and dry erase board for meetings. Call the center for date availability. Fill out our Building Usage Permit Application if you would like to rent out a room at the Activity Center.  The Building Rental policy is also available and should be reviewed before submitting your permit application.

Rental Policy

Building Rental Policy


Rentals are available for social and sports activities at the Parks & Recreation Directors discretion. The Recreation Department reserves the right to approve or deny any group request. Any parties who have previously rented the facility and had infractions are unable to rent again.


Reservations can be made by Fraser Residents and Non-Residents. Reservations must be secured with a full payment. Final count for tables, chairs or equipment are required two weeks prior to the event. Any time changes or additional time would need to be addressed two weeks prior with Activity Center Staff as well.

Fee Schedule:

Pricing Policy



Resident: $70/ 2 hours

Non-Resident: $100/ 2 hours

40 Person maximum. Must be used for recreational activities. Equipment available upon request, inquire for pricing. No food permitted in gym.

Meeting Room

Resident: $50/ 2 hours

Non-Resident: $75/2 hours

35 Person maximum. For meetings only. No food permitted in Meeting Room.

Banquet Room

Resident: $225/4 Hours

Non-Resident: $275/4 Hours

Beer/Wine Permit: $200

Additional Hours: $50 each hour

110 Person maximum. Round, card and long tables are available for set up. Only parties with a Beer/Wine Permit are allowed alcohol on site.

Fundraisers or ticketed events

For fundraisers or events where food will be sold as retail, all food must be catered by a licensed Food Safety caterer or business. If event is catered, a proof of licensing from the State of Michigan must be provided. Pre-made store bought foods (pizza, subs, salad, cakes) are permitted without use of a caterer.

Utilities and supplies provided

Use of facility coffee machines, ice machine, oven, stove or microwave is strictly prohibited. However, a freezer and refrigerator are available during the rental period. We will supply any garbage bags, broom, dustpan and mop should they be needed for clean up. We do not supply any paper products, table or chair coverings, or utensils.

Building Rental Set-Up

One week prior to the rental, an office employee will contact permit holder to verify the rental and set-up. A work order for room set-up will be faxed to the DPW containing information on the set-up and when to take down the party set-up.

The day of the rental, staff will arrive 15 minutes early to make sure all offices and storage rooms are locked and doors to the gym and kitchen are closed.

During the Building Rental

Staff member will routinely check the party to make sure everything is in compliance with the permit. If any violations are present, the staff will inform permit holder to immediately stop the violation. If violation persists, staff member will contact the director who will decide the next course of action. Possible actions include contacting the Fraser Police Department to mediate or expulsion from the premises without refund.


Violations include:

Smoking inside facility

Using kitchen appliances other than the refrigerator/freezer

Using lit candles

Serving alcohol without an alcohol permit

Serving alcohol to minors

Destruction of property

Unsupervised children or unruly guests


Alcohol permit

A renter can have alcohol present only with an Alcohol Permit, to be added to their Building Rental permit. A staff with an alcohol awareness certificate will be provided.

Clean-up and Departure

No extra time is allotted for clean-up. A staff member will remind the permit holder 30 minutes before their leave time. The staff will provide anything the permit holder needs to clean up, i.e. broom and dustpan, garbage bags, mop, ect.

Tables and trash are to be cleared before party leaves. The present staff member must check before departure. If there are any damages, staff member will notify director with a note or phone call.

Any time over departure time will be charged to the permit holder at $12.50 per 15 minutes, to be billed to permit holder.


A full refund will be issued if cancellation is made at least two full weeks before rental date. If a cancellation is made less than two weeks before rental date or if there is a dismissal due to infraction of Rental Policy, no refunds, date changes or exchanges will be issued.


Any and all damages of City property and equipment will be billed to the Building Usage Permit Holder. Pictures or documentation will be made of the offence. The permit holder will be notified of the violation by phone and mailed letter. The letter will contain any photos along with a detailed account and bill for the damage. The permit holder will have 30 days to pay before getting a warning letter from the Director of Finance. If the permit holder still does not pay for damages, the account will be sent to a collection agency.



The City of Fraser assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to an individual's/group’s property. The City of Fraser assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for accidents or injuries sustained by individuals or groups of individuals while using the City of Fraser buildings and grounds. Use of the Center does not constitute an endorsement of the users or their activities by the City of Fraser.

Christina Woods
Interim Director

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Fraser, MI 48026

Ph: (586) 296-8483
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