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Youth Programs
Thank you for participating in 2018 Summer Youth Programs! Programs begin the week of June 25th. T shirts, if applicable, will be given to participants at their program location. Text Notifications and reminders will be given to cell phone numbers provided. If you have not received a text message from Fraser Recreation, please call the department ASAP to ensure we can quickly notify you through Text alerts. 

Click on the link below for program schedules:

Coach Pitch
3v3 Basketball
Little Sluggers
Little Kickers
Girls Sand Volleyball
Simply Sports
Sport Mashup

You can be part of the Annual Fraser Parade!
We welcome our participants to join in the parade on Sunday, July 22nd! 
Participants will be lining up for the parade at 10:30 at Richards Middle School. Parade begins at Noon and travels south on Garfield, ending at Fraser City Hall. Parents are welcome to join and Recreation coaches will be joining to help watch over the kids. If parents are not participating in the parade, parents must pick up kids at Fraser City Hall Main Entrance at 1 pm. 
Participants can wear their Fraser Rec t shirts to show their Fraser Pride! If you are interested please fill out this quick online form

Participants in Programs
Please use the list below to assure your registration in one of our programs. 

Any questions please call 586.296.8483 during business hours





Playgrounds Extended

Monday – Thursday, 8-5 @ Steffens Park and Somerset Pool

Kailey       C

Arthur       C

Sophia      L

Veronica  B

Evan        C

Zachary   K

Gabriel     L

Hannah    L

Oscar       M

William     N

Sadie       N

Kaiden     O

Aiden        S


Monday – Thursday, 9-3 @ Steffens Park and Somerset Pool

Aidan        A

David        A

Jacob       B

Jordan     B

Dalgoro   C

Veyda      C

Ryan        D

Lily            E

Nolan       E

Jason       F

Slissya     G

Malachi    G

Parker      H

Ashton      J

Giovanni  K

Myron       K

Austin       K

Blake        K

Trevor      K

Zachary   M

Ryan        M

Trevor      M

Christopher N

Malori       N

Evan        N

David       O

Matthew  O

Lilia           R

Jade         S

Christopher S

Tyler         T

Alexander T

Aaden       Z

Molly        N


Tuesday/Thursdays 6:15 @ RMS & FHS fields (See schedule)

Team 1      

Abigail      A

Aiden       D

Nickolas   L

Gioia        R

"Jimmy"   S

Wyatt       W

Maxwell  W


Team 2      

Ashton     B

Nathan     B

Mason      C

Parker      H

Liam         H

Lucas        J

Nikolas     S

Conner     V

Landon   W


Team 3      

Jordan     Bl

Jordan    Br

Ryan        C

Aden        C

Jaden       C

Aaron        J

Tyler        M

Ryan        M

Mason      O


Team 4      

Jacob       A

Arianna    A

Lucas       B

Cameron  F

Cameron      M

Ethan       M

Tristan     N

Noah        R

Coach Pitch

Tuesday/Thursdays 7:30 @ RMS & FHS fields (See schedule)

Team 1      

Kiersten   G

Malachi    G

Luke          J

Anya         J

Kailyn        J

Gabriel     L

Elliana     L

Oscar       M

Tate          O

Kylar         R


Team 2      

Tyler         A

Tyler         B

Colin         B

Isaac        C

Garrett     C

Leila         D

Lincoln     H

Juliana      J

Andrew    K

Aiden        K

Emma      N


Team 3      

Ryan        C

Morgan    D

Landen    D

Bryce       D

Joseph     D

Lucas       N

Dominic   N

Deacon    R

Nathanael S

Max          S

Brian         V


Team 4      

Lucas       R

Ethan       D

Allison      M

Aria          M

Nolan       E

Lauren    W

Joe            L

Blake       W

Lucas       R

Aaden       Z


Basketball, Grades 1-4

Monday/Wednesday @ Center, 9:30 am

Justin       A

Ashton     B

Nathan     B

Landon    B

Alexa       C

Alanah     K

Matthew   L

Emma      N

Samuel    S

Joseph     S

Jackson    T

Combined grades 1-4, Changed Program Start Time

Basketball, Grades 5-6

Monday/Wednesday @ Center, 10:30 am

Carson     B

Max          G

Jack         M

Olivia        P

Miguel      R

Connor     S

Camden   T

Christian  w

Bryce       w

Changed Program Start Time

Basketball, Grades 7-8

Monday/Wednesday @ Center, 11:30 am

Caiden Cole-S

Jarod        D

Christian  G

Joey           I

Spencer   K

Alex          K

Mason     M

Cody         S

AJ              T

Cole         W

Jaden       w

Devin       W

Conor       Y

Changed Program Start Time

Little Sluggers

Tuesday/Thursdays 5:15 @ RMS & FHS fields (See schedule)

Olivia        A

Nicholas  D

Jeffrey      D

Robert      E

Travis       F

"JP"            I

Sid             J

Conner    M

Kendall    M

Max          N

Grayson O

Giuliana   O

Sal            P

Cameron R

"Goose"   S

Aiden        S

Hudson    S

Garrett     S

Little Kickers

Tuesday/Thursday @ Steffens Park, 10:30 am

Jaxon       C

Griffin       H

Celia           I

Kullen       K

Joshua     K

Christian  M

Gene        M

Madden   P

Thomas   R

Eva           T

Karly         V

Parker     W

Combined both sessions, Changed Program Start Time

Girls Sand Volleyball, Grades 9:30

Tuesday/Thursday @ Steffens Park

Milana      C

Hailey      D

Lily            E

Kassidy    F

Anya         J

Kayla       M

Alayna     M

Kylie         S

Grace       S

Lauren     S

Jazlyn      W

Divided up girls in program by grade and then team member request

Girls Sand Volleyball, Grades 10:30

Tuesday/Thursday @ Steffens Park

Samantha B

Grace       D

Vanessa  D

Ava           D

Ella           D

Carmella  F

Antonia     F

Marissa    G

Cat            J

Norah       K

Lucy         K

Ava          M

Peyton     M

Avery       W

Chloe       Y

Divided up girls in program by grade and then team member request

Volleyball 11:30 am

Tuesday/Thursday @ Steffens Park

Gina         H

Camryn   H

Isabella     J

Peyton     K

Kayla       M

Olivia        P

Francesca P

Samantha P

Chelsea   R

Sofia         S

Ashley      S

Anastasia T

Alyssa       T

Divided up girls in program by grade and then team member request

Cheerleading, Grades K-1

Wednesdays @ Center, 6 pm

Alaina       B

Adriana    B

Juliana     C

Emme      C

Essense  D

Dakota      J

Juliana     M

Faith         P

Saniya      P

Alexandria Q

Gioia        R

Piper        R

Alaina       S

Cheerleading Grades 2-5

Wednesdays @ Center, 7 pm

Paige       D

Slissya     G

Sophie      L

Hannah    L

Kaitlyn     M

Samantha M

Emma      N

Gracyn     P

Emma      S

Madeline  V

Moved some older participants in the previous session to this session.

Tennis Beginner

Monday/Wednesdays @ 10 at Steffens and FHS (see schedule)

Katelyn     B

Madison  D

Alaina      D

Zaida        K

Izak           K

Aidan        L

Vincenzo M

Molly        N

Rylan        P

Kaylee      S

Grace       S

Lauren     S

Tennis Intermediate

Monday/Wednesdays @ 11 at Steffens and FHS (see schedule)

Andrew    B

Milana      C

Wynnis    C

Aaron       D

Katie        D

Zachary   D

Lance       E

Kassidy    F

Carolanne H

Faith         H

Austin       K

Amber      M

Brady       S

Emma      S

Tommy     T

Louis         T

Madeline  V

Simply Sports

Tuesday/Thursdays @ 12:15, location varies

Alan          A

Leon         A

Laura        b

Suzi          D

Michael    H

Michael    H

Heather    J

Amy         M

Nicole      N

Miranda   N

Brittany   W

Brittany   W

Heather   R

Brittany    R

Sport Mashup Grades 1-3

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6 pm, location varies

Tyler         A

Demetric  D

Lucas       F

Kendall    H

Tyler         H

Isabella    K

Kaiden     K

Jenna       K

Evan         L

William     N

Gavin       P

Aaden       Z

Sport Mashup Grades 4-7

Mondays & Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm, location varies

Wynnis    C

Madison   F

Megan      F

Harry          I

Rick           J

Giovanni  K

Landon    S

Tommy     T

Louis         T

Gymnastics Ages 2-4

Mondays @ Center at 1

Sadie        B

Dean        C

Bennett     J

Emma       J

Remy       K

Michael     L

Elena       M

Emmett   M

Maya        R

Gymnastics Ages 5-8

Mondays @ Center at 2

Faith        C

Selena     A

Julia          B

Adrianna  B

Rhyli         C

Easton     M

Thomas   R

Everett     S

Madiline   T

Reagan   T

Lily           W

Liliana     W

Included 8 year olds