Pavilion Rentals

Pavilion are rented starting May 1st though October 1st. Pavilion rentals begin April 1st for residents; May 1st for non-residents.

Rentals may be booked in person at City Hall, located at 33000 Garfield Rd. Bookings are made between 10am & 4pm, Mon. through Thurs.

For more information or any questions about Parks & Recreation and Pavilion Rentals please (586)-293-3100 ext.205.

Reservation Dates:

Reservation for permits can be made on the first business Day in April. Reservations are made during business hours; we will receive in order that people enter the building. No reservations or hold before April 1st. No holds on any date for any resident or non-resident. Reservation dates are first come first serve. Fraser Recreation reserves the right to schedule community events prior to the first day of April. 

Renter's ID is to be provided at the time of booking.

Please review the rental policy and Pavilion Availability Calendar before booking. 


Fort Fraser$100$115
McKinley Park$100$115


Bounce Houses$25 for one bounce house
Tables, chairs, tent$15 flat fee
  1. Martez Seay

    Phone: (586) 293-3100 Ext.205